Superliga Standings – Week 1

With the conclusion of week one we finally have an idea of how teams stack up in each of our tiers.  Keep in mind that it’s one week.  It took around 5-6 weeks last year before we stopped seeing teams sliding double digit spots so know that there is no fate but what you make:

A friendly reminder that the adjustment is designed to make it difficult to break into Tier 1.  You’re facing the best players in the history of Superliga so finishing middle of the pack in Tier 1 should be considered a greater accomplishment than finishing near the top of a lesser league.  The weights this year are .550 for Tier 1, .500 for Tier 2, and .450 for Tier 3 and if you win your Tier’s playoffs then you’re automatically in Tier 1 the following season.  Good luck this year, everbody.


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