Game 10ish @ Boston Red Sox

The Rays just did something they won’t likely do again until the All Star Break.  They had two days off in a row thanks to a rain out following a travel day.  Heck, they won’t even have a single day off for over two more weeks.  Instead of pushing everyone back a day David Price will stay on his normal rotation while Alex Cobb will flip over to Sunday and then shove Jeremy Hellickson to Monday.  This just means that fans of pitching should be in for a treat as Jon Lester has started off the young season scorching while David Price looks to get “out of the dog house.”  Shoot me.  Here’s today’s matchup projections:

Game 10 Red Sox

Note that the Rays are a slight favorite, around 52.3%, but this doesn’t factor in home field advantage so it’s more of a coin flip than anything.  Evan Longoria looks to be the best hitter on the day, but the Red Sox have a solid mass of righties blocking up the middle of their order.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see Joe Maddon go to the pen a bit early to force the Red Sox to either bat with a disadvantage or to pull some of their starters.  It should be exciting.  Go Rays!



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