Game 11 – Boston Red Sox

After yet another tough break yesterday the Rays look to even the series against the Boston Red Sox.  The pitiful offense hopes to right the ship against Clay Buchholz.  Buchholz has gotten off to a fantastic start mixing his pitches well and not allowing the big hit.  The Rays will need to be patient and MUST capitalize if and when they’re given a gift, because there won’t be many.  Here’s today’s matchup projections:

Game 11 Red Sox

I have the Red Sox a slight favorite at 52.4%.  You’ll notice that it’s not like their lineup has the best matchup, but they don’t have the worst.  That is the difference, right now, between these two teams.  The Rays have three very strong projections for the day, but they also have three guys (well) below a .300 wOBA projection and another two that are right there.  If the heart of the order doesn’t carry this team then it’s going to be another quiet day as Rays fans wait for the bats of their free agent signings to emerge from slumber.  Go Rays.



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