Game 12 – Boston Red Sox

It’s Patriot’s Day!  That can only mean that a bunch of green vomit will be coating parts of Boston and that sales of dark sunglasses should go through the roof.  The Rays hope to salvage some semblance of their dignity by avoiding the long series made short sweep.  Here’s the matchups:

The Rays are a slight favorite at 92.5%, but when it’s this close that doesn’t mean a whole lot.  Joyce looks like a really good matchup, again, so it would be nice to see him make good one of these days.  Boston doesn’t have a really strong matchup against Hellickson with Ellsbury and Bradley looking to be his toughest opponents.  Their speed makes them tough so keep both of those guys off the bases and don’t allow the big hit to the middle guys and it should be an easy, breezy day.


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