Superliga After Seven Weeks

Superliga is almost a year old in dog years, so there’s that.  The top three remain unchanged for the second week in a row and these guys are really starting to separate themselves from the rest of Tier 1 and the rest of the Liga.  Bye Week left the basement for the first time in at least four weeks being replaced by Hangin’ N Bangin’.  Quite a bit of shuffling going on here and now is probably the time to take into account what’s been done, where you’re strong/weak, and figure out a way to plug those holes.  If you feel like you’re on the outside looking in then it probably won’t just come down to regression to get you back in this thing.

Also, if you’re a dirtbag asshole that’s too good to even check your team then please don’t consider coming back next year.  Thanks for wasting everyone’s time with your selfishness.


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