Break a Mirror, Have No Fear, Superliga After Lucky Number 13 Weeks



FINALLY THE REVOLVERS HAVE WON A WEEK!!!!  If you can count kicking the bloated corpse of Top Gun Numba1 down a dark alley a win, but I’ll take it.  This left me and Put Up Your Dukes as the highest movers for the past week each slotting up four.  Speaking of which, PUYD has now slowly picked up 17 spots over the last 10 weeks or so. It’s been slow and steady, but let’s give the lad a hand for righting the ship and clawing his way back to respectability.  On the other side of the ledger we have DA COKE BOYZ tumbling down, down, down.  They’re going the wrong way and in a hurry after peaking at #8 in week three they’re all the way down to #23.  Diaper, get it together, man.

The top-3 remain unchanged for the third week in a row, but we do have Pudding Ronald popping back into tier 1 and a trio of tier 2 losers making a bid to move on up to the Eastside.  Good luck, y’all!


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