Superliga: One Week Left

With one week left to go in the regular season it’s all over, but the cryin’ for many teams:

For those that are moving on we’ll be taking there will be a two-pronged playoff. You will have your intra-tier playoffs where the top four teams battle it out for supremacy. The winner for each tier will automatically receive an invitation to Tier 1 next year. We will also be taking the top four teams from each tier and entering them into a four week roto-style playoff.  The winner of this tournament will be the grand champion for Superliga 2013 and will receive all the bragging rights, credibility, and a $50 gift certificate to the Rays team site. Here’s a look at how the brackets are shaping up, right now, for each tier:

Tier 1:

1. The Hit Show vs. 4 ‘MURICA FUCK YEAH (29.5 GB)/Rock the Vogt (32.5 GB)

2. Where Da Gold At? (17 GB) vs. 3. Strapping Young Lads (18.5 GB)

Tier 2:

1. Sandals BannedPants vs. 4. Over-Nite Sensation (22.5 GB)/Lueke’s BackDoorSlider (23 GB)

2. Spring Breakers (.5 GB) vs. 3. Needs more Cowgill (6 GB)

Tier 3:

1. Flippin’ Seamen vs. 4. Team Drake (20.5 GB)/Team Copeland (22.5 GB)

2. Diamond Kings (7.5 GB) vs. 3. Jax DonkeyPunchers (15.5 GB)

Good luck to all, and may the best cuck win!


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