Final Superliga Standings

There’s your final standings for next year’s tier breakouts. These aren’t completely locked, because if you win your tier you receive an automatic invite and the same if you win the Grand Championship of Wieners. On that last part, here’s your 12 teams that are in the playoffs:

The Hit Show

Where Da Gold At?

Strapping Young Lads


Spring Breakers

Needs more Cowgill

Sandals BannedPants

Over-Nite Sensation

Flippin’ Seamen

Diamond Kings

Jax DonkeyPunchers

Team Copeland

These 12 teams will enter a roto competition over the next four weeks. The top-six teams after the first two-week period will move on to the final stage where they will then fight it out to be the top league in Superliga for 2013. The winner of that final leg will win a $50 gift card to the Rays team store and all the bragging rights due to someone of your incredible stature. Good luck and happy hunting out there.


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