SuperLiga Championship Edition

With the close of the first Leg of our playoff King of the Hill we’re now left with six teams all vying for the coveted SuperLiga crown, belt, lederhosen, scepter, garter belt, and $50 gift certificate to the Rays team store. Here’s who made it and why:

Left of the line means you’re moving on to the second and final leg. Whoever among those six teams that compiles the best roto score over the next two weeks will be our champion. Before moving on to what will be, let’s give these combatants the glory they deserve for putting it all on the line over these last two weeks. For those that prefer numbers here’s the final at stats and points for the first leg:

Let’s focus on just the teams moving on and take a look at their current roster:

I’ve highlighted which players are common to multiple teams and here’s a link to each team in case and where they finished in the standings if you want to follow them easily:

Flippin’ Seamen 9

The Hit Show 1

Where Da Gold At? 2

Team Copeland 17

Diamond Kings 10

Over-Nite Sensation 14

If you win this thing and weren’t already in Tier 1 you will receive an automatic invite and the same goes if you win your traditional Tier playoffs. Good cuck to all!




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