Superliga Final Standings

Congratulations to Pudieron89 for taking down this year’s Superliga Championship. His pitching proved indomitable while his offense was good enough to narrowly edge out The Hit Show 57 to 54.5. Coming in third is the British Rays fan Over-Nite Sensation. Rounding out the final six were BP author Diamond Kings, then the creatively named Team Copeland. Last and definitely least is our very own Warde who must have forgotten he was playing for his life. Here’s the final standings:

The Hit Show really closed well, but just fell short. Better luck next year. Here’s a look at the final table if that’s your bag, baby:

Lastly, I want to give a shout out to the folks that won their tiers. While they won’t be receiving a $50 gift card to the Rays store like Pudding Ron, they will be automatically invited to join Tier 1 next year. Give it up for The Hit Show and Over-Nite Sensation. While these other teams were a lock for Tier 1 next year, Over-Nite Sensation was not, so by winning their Tier’s playoffs that team will receive a boost into Tier 1. Here’s the rest of the final standings:

I hope you guys and gals enjoyed this as much as me and that you will come back next year. Bring a friend, if you can. We had 34 teams this year and I’d love to push this to 40 or 50 next year. 



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