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Congratulations to Wil Myers on deservedly earning the 2014 Rookie of the Year. For the Rays, this is a bit of a passing of the torch moment after teammates Evan Longoria (2008) and Jeremy Hellickson (2011) set the standard, but for now let’s turn our attention towards the one some call Willy Ding Dongs. While awards are to remember the past, it’s never too early, nor irresponsible, to project where we go from here. Ian Malinowski compared him to previous Rookie of the Year award recipients earlier today with mostly sour results. This is where you, the community, can chip in.

Crowdsourcing allows us to rely on the “wisdom of the masses” to create a baseline of expectations for Myers and gives us the opportunity to look into where people most differ, where they’re closest, and give a general sense of the feel of where people think he’s headed. Using a couple of statistics you’ll recognize, K% and BB%, and a couple you might not, ISO and BABIP, we can create profiles of how he will look over the beginning of his career. Additionally, we’ll be able to scale up or down based on what the crowd thinks to show what the pessimist or optimist thinks. From there we can look into other players that started their careers similarly and come up with some solid comparisons for those that prefer the anecdotal.

This pool of players will give us a good idea of what to expect from Wil so please take a minute or two to fill it out. The more responses we get on this the more likely it will give us something meaningful. Thank you for your time.

Results to be posted…



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