2014 Fantasy Projection Tool

I was going to hold off on this until after I drafted, but by then it would be of little good to anyone in the community so here’s my Projection Tool for this year: Final Sheet 2.0

On the “Batter”/”Pitcher” tab you will find most of the common fantasy statistics with the projection for each player by each projection system. Like last year, “Agg” combines all of these projections for each category. Non-rate stats are averaged using each categories per plate appearance rate before getting extrapolated against the average number of plate appearances. Rate statistics are a weighted average of each system again using plate appearances.

The “Z-Score” section unsurprisingly gives the Z-score for each category using the Agg projection. After you download you can do your own totals to include only the categories that are relevant to your league. Use the hand drop downs to easily sort each category including your new total. Re-rank if you’re OCD like me.

The “Total” sheet uses the Agg projections and the Z-scores for both batters and pitchers in an effort to view pitchers and batters on the same keel. Again, use the Total column to select only the categories you wish to include. Note that no emphasis has been put on position nor positional flexibility. Each position listed is based on the ESPN first position listed. Have fun with this and let me know any feedback on how we can improve this.


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