Series Preview: Rays at Orioles April 14 – 16

Now that the matchup tool has been park adjusted I wanted to take a stab at previewing the next Rays series that starts tonight at 7 PM at the Baltimore Orioles. Game one features Wei-Yin Chen taking on our own Chris Archer:

Longo should be the class of this game, but Crush Davis is right there with him and then we see a couple of more Rays slated for success. Nick Markakis might be a guy that’s easy to sleep on, but he matches up very well with the Chris Archer that has shown a significant platoon split in his short career. This also bodes well for Clevenger as he might see a start with Wieters already seeing so much time behind the dish. Archer’s splits will help him against two very dangerous hitters in Cruz and Jones, but this is a fairly balanced lineup.

Game two pits Jake (H)odorizzi against the righty Miguel Gonzalez.

The cream shows a pretty even split between our good hitters and theirs, but in the middle we see the O’s having a bit of an advantage. Hodor doesn’t have much of a baseline, still, and the projections don’t know about his Thing with only two starts factored in for this year, but Gonzalez has a longer track record with ok to good results.

The final game pairs the best from each team as our own David Price seeks to extend his success against Chris Tillman.

We should match up pretty well with the righty and Price should only have a couple of landmines to work around in Cruz and Wieters. The Rays need to continue to take two of three, especially intra-division, and they seem well-poised to do so here. The Rays have been abysmal against lefties to start the year, but getting off on the good foot tonight should set them up well to take this series. I don’t have time for a full write up, but here’s our offensive performance through April 11:

WordPress has decided to make it so that you can’t resize images so you’ll probably want to open that in a new tab. Yuck city versus lefties and we haven’t exactly gone out and achieved against righties, either.

Lastly, I wanted to show the bullpen matchups:

The top table shows the matchup projections for each of our guys versus each of theirs and the bottom adjusts for if our hitter is is coming up in a pinch. I think this could be handy for trying to isolate who should be facing whom in those high-leverage late innings. Here’s how the Rays match up:

I have not included Brad Boxberger who should be available for this series so make fun of me if you wish. Be careful with Chris Davis and don’t let the other one to two scary guys beat you on a given day and the Rays should bode well. It sure would be nice to see the offense get going, but at the very least we could use some deep starts from each of our guys.


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