Quick Preview for Quick Two-Gamer vs. Orioles

The Rays finally come back with their shields after a 10-game roadie throughout some frigid climates. They return to dome sweet dome winning four of their last six against some AL East brethren. The saga continues as the Baltimore Orioles roll in to town with their two best pitches sitting firmly on the hood.

Oh Chris

The battle of the Chris’s tonight will commence at 7:10 as the O’s will start their best pitcher in Chris Tillman. Toeing the bump for the Rays is their own dynamic talent, Chris Archer. Tillman has virtually no platoon split, while Archer is death to righties and not so much against lefties. Buck Showalter will show you what it’s like by stacking the lineup with lefties. The glaring hole that used to be Chris Davis helps tilt the table in the favor of the Rays, but this will not be an easy row to hoe. Here’s the matchup projections:

Cy What?

Game two pits a guy that can be Cy Young any time he takes the mound against a guy that actually was Cy Young in 2012. Ubaldo Jimenez is a wildman with wacky waving arm mechanics, but when he’s dialed in he’s as tough to hit as any guy in baseball. David Price is a little more predictable. You know you’re going to get strikeouts, a ton of pitches, and no walks. The ball in play stuff is what has differentiated his performances on this young season. When the ball is blind he does well, but when it’s able to find holes in the defense the base runners can pile up.

Look to Archer to try to utilize his change up to combat the platoon disadvantage he will likely face, while game two tomorrow night will be a bit more of an even affair if both pitchers show up. Sweeping this series would give the Rays three straight series wins against divisional rivals.

Per StatCorner:


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