Joel Peralta is a Boss at Giving up Dingers

Somebody call the fire department, this one’s out of control. Joel Peralta gave up another home run in a high leverage moment yesterday afternoon bringing his HR/9 up to a robust 1.47 for the season. When it comes down to guys that you want on the mound when you just absolutely need to surrender a tater there’s just few better choices. Peralta now ranks 21st out of the 229 pitchers with 20+ IP this year in HR/9, but the best part, arguably, is that he’s being used as if he was some relief ace that can come in and not give up runs.

Of the 20 guys better than Joey Pinetar at giving up home runs only three of them (Romo 1.87, Logan 1.81, Reed 1.77) have a higher pLI than the man nobody calls not homer prone. Here’s a chart:

Peralta really garbage

Bottom right is where you do not want to be if you want your relievers to give up home runs when it really matters. Fortunately, we find Peralta squarely in the best box for guys that absolutely do a great job of ruining your chances of winning a game. His HR/9 is well above the average meaning when you need to squander a lead or put a close game out of reach he’s your man. There are better pitchers at committing the worst atrocity in baseball for a pitcher by doing it either more often or in higher leverage spots, but only a handful of guys can match Joel Peralta’s ability to drop a deuce on the mound.

Seriously, Joe Maddon, fuck that guy.


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