Who Am I?

Jason Hanselman is a Rayaholic.  He hasn’t been sober for about 10 years now.  He grew up and currently reside in upstate New York, but from 2001 – 2009 he lived in Orlando, attending UCF and going to as many games as he could (which played a key part in him being hired here).  He is pretty active in various Rays online communities and bring many different analytical tools to the table.  His strongest attributes revolve around statistical analysis, but he played hardball in high school and has watched  close to 150 games a year for the past several years.  His main goals are to incite dialogue and to consistently re-shape his own views in a foolish, unending quest for the truth.  He looks forward to conversing with those that are just as passionate as he is and hope you are entertained by what he provides.


2 Responses to Who Am I?

  1. adrossin says:

    Jason – –
    I’m one of John Bondur’s Rays ticket buyers. John forwarded your “crowd” piece to me. We might have met at the Trop at the SABR session there last year, but I don’t recall for sure. I assume you belong to SABR, but if you don’t and want to know more, REPLY and I’ll bring you up to date. Do you see Bruce Brown’s baseball Trivia Q&A’s? I’ll add you to my distribution list and you can tell me to take your name off if you don’t want or need it.

    – – Dave Rossin 941-358-6902 ADRossin@msn.com

    • Hi Dave,

      I do believe we did meet at last year’s event. I have not yet purchased a membership for 2011 as I was researching the local situation here in Orlando before joining. Please add me to your list using the email above; I do not see Bruce’s trivia but would love to.


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