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Recapping Series # 5 – @ Baltimore Orioles

Previous Series Recaps: #1 Orioles, #2 Indians, #3 @ Rangers, 11 Game recap The Rays have shown a preponderance to guess wrong on coin flips thus far as evidenced by their record in tight games.  Some might call that clutch, … Continue reading

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Rays Run Values Through 11 Games

In human years the baseball season is about 5.3 years old, so far.  It can’t drive.  It barely speaks intelligible English.  It can barely feed itself, though it can wipe it’s own ass.  It’s early.  Still, even parents in denial … Continue reading

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Recapping Series 3 @ Texas Rangers

The Rays avoided the sweep thanks to some timely hitting and solid pitching in the third game against Texas to bring their record to 4-5.  It sounds small and maybe a bit whiny, but if the Rays had been given … Continue reading

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Recapping the Indians Series

Much like with the first series against the Orioles I wanted to use Pitch F/x data to take a look at how our batters and pitchers performed over the series.  Again, this is strictly evaluative and completely comprised of small … Continue reading

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Matt Moore’s First Start of the Year

Matty Moore showed tonight why he’s one of the best pitchers in MLB.  All three of his pitches were working and he had confidence to throw all of them when and where he needed to.  Six innings, two hits, two … Continue reading

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Recapping Series 1 vs. Baltimore Orioles

I can’t promise that I’ll be able to do this for every series, but I would like to provide a Pitch F/x review of each series.  In the standings the Orioles took two out of three, but who won the … Continue reading

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