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Rays Stat of the Day: Isolated Power

If you viewed our video series with BHSN.com, this term should sound familiar. In case you did not, here is how it is defined by wikipedia: Isolated Power or ISO is a sabermetricsbaseball statistic which measures a batter’s raw power. The formula … Continue reading

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Player Preview: Dan Johnson

The man with more nicknames than plate appearances has a flair for the dramatic.  In 2011 he’ll have a chance to get more opportunities than just pinch-hit and favorable match-ups.  I don’t want to go on too long here, because … Continue reading

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Who Should DH Tonight?

My debut piece is up at ESPN1040.com this morning and it is about the decision Joe Maddon has to make at DH tonight. Aybar is not the ideal Designated Hitter but the choice for tonight’s deciding Game 5 comes down … Continue reading

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Behold the Power of the Gatorade

It was fitting that former President George W. Bush was in the front row for this game because he finally got to see one of his beloved Weapons of Mass Destruction in person in the form of home plate umpire … Continue reading

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Hey Boston, All Your Bases Are Belong to Dan Johnson

Almost two years ago,  Dan Johnson made contact with a 2-2 pitch from Jonathan Papelbon for what was arguably the biggest hit of the 2008 season. At that time, the Rays had never won a series in Boston and were … Continue reading

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BHSN: Organizational Depth Paying Off

Before the season, many of the prognosticators had the Tampa Bay Rays picked to finish third in the American League East. Most said the defending champion New York Yankees only got stronger by adding Curtis Granderson and Javier Vazquez, and the … Continue reading

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