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Rays Starters vs Rays Starters

It is widely accepted that the Rays starting pitching staff is one of the better ones in baseball. In the top 50% of staff in the league? Yes. In the top third? Arguably, yes. In the top five? Debatable, depending … Continue reading

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Beware the Ides of March

Finally, the baseball has come back to Florida! The millions (and millions) of baseball fans everywhere had to wait nearly four months for baseball to once again be played, and they’ll take anything they can get right now no matter … Continue reading

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Rays Stat of the Day: Pitching WAR

[Wins Above Replacement for pitchers] is a single number that presents the number of wins a pitcher has added to the team above what a replacement pitcher (think AAA or AAAA) would add. This value includes defensive support and includes … Continue reading

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Shields and Manny

James Shields discusses his first day facing live batters and watch Shields face Manny Ramirez at full speed. Videos courtesy of @RaysPressBox

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Rays Video Interviews – February 18th

These, courtesy of the RaysPressBox staff live at Port Charlotte.

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Which Final HR Total Will Be Higher?

Before making your choice, consider the facts at hand:

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