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Rays Starters vs Rays Starters

It is widely accepted that the Rays starting pitching staff is one of the better ones in baseball. In the top 50% of staff in the league? Yes. In the top third? Arguably, yes. In the top five? Debatable, depending … Continue reading

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The Mexicutioner

The trading of Zack Greinke today signals the Royals are building for the future before day one of the 2011 season. Their starting rotation is now Luke Hochevar, Kyle Davies, Vin Mazzaro, Sean O’Sullivan, and maybe Mark Gubicza at this … Continue reading

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Great Analogy

This gem comes from @alliekranick on Twitter and I loved it because it fits the Rays’ situation perfectly. Being back in 1st is like fitting into an old pair of jeans. It feels so good & comfortable but you have … Continue reading

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How Much Can You Handle?

I am not sure why Crawford felt he had to take that risk, but he must have had his reasons. Given the fact Mariano Rivera has a combined 15 wild pitches and balks over the course of his career, there … Continue reading

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Rays Wrap Up Final West Coast Swing

Yesterday’s 12-3 shellacking at the hands of the Angels was ugly with no two ways about it. Jeff Niemann had his velocity back but his control was still missing. The good news is the velocity is back which means his … Continue reading

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Deserved Wins Through 8/16/10

As we know, the Rays feature an inconsistent offense that can be here today and gone tomorrow, at times. ┬áThis is one reason that W/L record is not a very good evaluative tool for pitchers and is one of the … Continue reading

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