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Reactions to the Garza Deal

Now that I am just getting a chance to comb through Twitter to see the reaction….wow! I see elated Cubs fans, pissed off Cubs fans, happy Rays fans, and disgusted Rays fans. There are nearly as many adjectives to describe … Continue reading

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Matt Garza Trade Reviews

I have been in Minneapolis all day today for a same-day work trip so I while I have been traveling, some of my favorite people have been writing some excellent reactions to the trade today. Here are my favorite pieces … Continue reading

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Garza Trade Close? Part 167

According to @ESPN1000 ‘s Bruce Levine , The Cubs-Rays are near completion of the Garza-for-prospects trade I’m seeing multiple tweets of this on Twitter with @jakelarsen putting it out there first. I feel like we’ve been here before at least … Continue reading

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Garza and Soriano News

Gordon Wittenmyer of the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that the Cubs are now in the driver’s seat for Garza with the Rangers now having turned their financial attentions elsewhere. A major-league source said Tuesday the Cubs were close to trading … Continue reading

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BABIP and wOBAcon for 2010 Rays Starters by Pitch Type

Yesterday, Steve Slowinski at DRaysBay had a nice, thought-provoking piece looking at James Shields BABIP rates last year.  Two camps formed based on whether or not his 2010 is representative of a three-year decline of becoming more “hittable” or whether it … Continue reading

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Garza and the Rangers

If you think what the Brewers paid to get Greinke could depress the expectations of the Rays and Indians as they test Matt Garza’s and Fausto Carmona’s market value, think again. Those two just got more difficult to pry loose. … Continue reading

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