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Rays Stat of the Day: Isolated Power

If you viewed our video series with BHSN.com, this term should sound familiar. In case you did not, here is how it is defined by wikipedia: Isolated Power or ISO is a sabermetricsbaseball statistic which measures a batter’s raw power. The formula … Continue reading

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Matt Joyce: 2011

Since we have just over 40 days until pitchers and catchers report, we are going to preview a player a day from the 40 man roster. If projections are available from the experts, we’ll include those as well as what … Continue reading

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The Future is Now: A Look at Matt Joyce, Reid Brignac, & Sean Rodriguez

So far we have looked at Evan Longoria, Carl Crawford, James Shields, B. J. Upton, and Nolan Reimold.  Now let’s take a look at a few guys that could be the next wave of core guys for the Rays.  Each … Continue reading

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Behold the Power of the Gatorade

It was fitting that former President George W. Bush was in the front row for this game because he finally got to see one of his beloved Weapons of Mass Destruction in person in the form of home plate umpire … Continue reading

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Rays Have Just One Thing To Do

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Not Sure Which Was Worse…

My weekend or the Rays’ weekend. As I shared on Saturday, I have a nasty case of tonsillitis which makes talking and eating less than enjoyable experiences. On top of that, I had to travel back and forth to Dallas … Continue reading

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