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Using Win Expectancy to Gauge Watchability

The Book elaborated quite nicely on the idea of win expectancy on a given play or even pitch. The basic idea is that using the score of the game, inning, number of outs, and baserunners we can can calculate how … Continue reading

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A Quick Sales Pitch

There are three things I strongly suggest you check out if you follow the Rays, aspire to be on a bigger stage writing baseball, or play fantasy baseball. RaysProspects.com will have their downloadable Rays prospect guide out on March 7th. … Continue reading

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AL Team WAR* by Position

*For the interests of this discussion WAR will refer to Wins Above Average. ¬†It’s such a commonly accepted term that I will use it, but know that it does not follow the traditional form that looks at Wins Above Replacement. … Continue reading

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2010 MLB Winter Meetings

That is a sign from 2006 when the meetings were last in Orlando. They’re back this year starting tonight and I will be there all week covering the meetings for ESPN 1040 in Tampa. If something Rays-related happens at the … Continue reading

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Know Your Role Rangers

Many apologies to the millions and millions, but I’ve been incommunicado for the last couple of days due to some “baseball” games in St. Pete. ¬†Apparently, a bunch of rudy poo, candy ass jabronis in red came to the Trop … Continue reading

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If You Read Only One Thing Today….

Make it this story by MLB.com Associate Reporter Adam Berry. In a Rays’ news cycle that has been dominated with Carl Crawford’s coinpurse, BJ Upton’s disappointments, and nobody bothering to analyze why James Shields and Matt Garza are struggling as … Continue reading

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