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Updated Standings Projections

Two weeks ago, we put up a post regarding how the projection systems projected the Rays to finish in 2011 and the news was rather disappointing because the Rays would not make the playoffs. Two more sets of data have … Continue reading

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2011 Marcels for Rays Hitters

The Marcels are the brainchild of Tom Tango. I will let him describe his system: The Marcel the Monkey Forecasting System (or the Marcels for short) is the most advanced forecasting system ever conceived. Not. Actually, it is the most … Continue reading

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Rays ZiPS Are Out

The Rays have done a good job scrounging on spare parts to make bullpens, but there’s a limit to how much you can do – it’s hard to replace most of a bullpen in a single offeason by this method … Continue reading

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…and the Pitchers

Here are the projections from statistical guru Bill James for the Rays’ pitchers in 2011. If you think the numbers are a bit high or a bit low, please read the methodology behind those numbers. Name W L IP K/9 … Continue reading

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Bill James Projects the Rays' Hitters

If there was a Mount Rushmore for statheads, a Mount Statmore if you will, James would be one of the faces on it and I think he deserves a spot in Cooperstown for how his work has revolutionalized baseball. Each … Continue reading

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So Much For That

Apparently, Baseball Prospectus noticed some errors in their initial computations for PECOTA and the Rays are now pushed back down to 3rd place for their 2010 projections. Boston Red Sox: 93-69 New York Yankees: 93-69 Tampa Bay Rays: 92-70 By … Continue reading

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