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Estimated Surplus Value Heading Into 2015 Trade Deadline

It’s that time of year where people say really stupid and wrong things about players that are rumored to be on the trading block. To help you say less stupid things I have compiled what I think are the surplus … Continue reading

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Reviewing Evan Longoria’s Path to 0-2 Counts

In a tremendous read yesterday at DraysBay author Kevin Antonevich detailed some serious chops for why Rays fans should be somewhat nervous about Evan Longoria’s ability to climb back into the ranks of being one of the 25 or so best … Continue reading

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Using Win Expectancy to Gauge Watchability

The Book elaborated quite nicely on the idea of win expectancy on a given play or even pitch. The basic idea is that using the score of the game, inning, number of outs, and baserunners we can can calculate how … Continue reading

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Hit Location & Trajectory Profiles for Potential Rays Batters

Looking at hit location and trajectory tendencies for Rays hitters can give an idea of where Rays hitters have had some success and failure with regards to putting the ball in play. As these are all players with more than … Continue reading

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Applying Sean Rodriguez’s Minor League Platoon Splits to 2011 Projections

This is going to use my Robinson Chirinos piece template, redux, but applied to Sean Rodriguez.  I’m using Roddy’s platoon splits from his 2,500+ Plate Appearances from 2005 – 09 over various levels of the Angels farm system.  The perception … Continue reading

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A Brief Look at First Pitch Results for the 2010 Rays

A large chunk of the game theory involved in batter-pitcher relations is what should each actor do with the first pitch?  Pitchers don’t want to get behind 1-0 as it takes away parts of their repertoire, but they also can’t be … Continue reading

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