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No More Cliff Lee

It was already going to be tough enough to face Carl Crawford moving forward but at least Rays fans do not have to worry about seeing Cliff Lee again unless the club returns to the World Series or the NL … Continue reading

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2010 Retrospective: Runs Scored/Allowed AL East Edition

The rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. – Some guy in a white suit After getting all the stress out after a long, great season with less-than-stellar finish I think it’s a good time to start taking a … Continue reading

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Rays Have Just One Thing To Do

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What Is At Stake

As the Rays and Yankees continue to play a game of hot potato with the AL East pennant, let us review what is at stake this weekend. The Rays simply need to win at least as many games as the … Continue reading

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Know Thy Enemy

“Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories” — Sun Tzu If it were only that easy on the baseball diamond. If you are like me, you cannot get enough information online about the Rays as … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished

That is the scorecard from an ESPN writer who was at the stadium tonight. If you add in the three game series that was played between the Rays and the Yankees earlier this month, the Rays just won a seven … Continue reading

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