TPR Exclusive: Part 2 of the Karns-Miller Trade

In part two I focus on Logan Morrison. Everything you ever wanted to know about the man they call LoMo. Click here to read all about it.

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TPR Exclusive: Why Trading Nate Karns Was a Good Idea

With the recent trade of Nathan Karns to the Mariners the Rays are parting with what could be a very solid piece. However, I have my reservations that Karns will be the guy that the M’s think they are acquiring. To read all about it head over to The Process Report.

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TPR Exclusive: Kiermaier is Crawford, Crawford is Kiermaier

There are many similarities between Carl Crawford and Kevin Kiermaier at this young juncture in their careers. At KK’s age Crawford had already secured his first fortune due to a brilliant contract extension offered by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Will deja vu strike again? Follow the bread crumbs over to The Process Report to see what that sort of deal might look like.

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TPR Exclusive: Evan Longoria’s Contract

While Evan Longoria’s massive six-year, $100M extension hasn’t even started yet that hasn’t stopped some folks from thinking it will be an albatross deal that has the potential to sink the team’s future prospects. I think he’ll provide good value for the next several years before the team looks to cash him in for future value.

Here’s my thoughts.

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Drew Smyly’s Predecessors: A TPR Exclusive

When the Rays acquired Drew Smyly as the principal component in the David Price deal at the deadline of 2014 it looked like the team was getting a young horse that could immediately be plugged into the rotation for the next four plus years. It’s not very often that you can find someone that profiles as a two to three win pitcher with that much control, but David Price is kind of a big deal. An offseason finger injury delayed his spring training debut and when he finally did get on the field he ramped up too quickly leading to a shoulder issue. He would miss the first few weeks, but his debut saw the guy we all expected. Then after three starts the shoulder flared up again. Rays beat writer Mark Topkin’s “informed speculation” stated that the labrum was torn. It’s likely he would never pitch again. Yet here we are a few months later with Smyly on the mound and doing his best to keep this train on the tracks.

To read more you can pick up the thread at The Process Report.

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TPR Feature: Getting Brad Boxberger Back on the Beaten Path

As mentioned previously all of my work can now be found at The Process Report, but I will continue to post snippets here, as well. 

Brad Boxberger has not been the same lightning force that he was in 2014. Well, he hasn’t been that guy other than a brief stretch at the start of the season. Is there a way to fix what is going on? What exactly is going on? For those answers and more catch my take over at TPR. 

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